Smooth Rollers - For Tractor or ATV

Smooth Rollers - For Tractor or ATV

We specialize in building high quality Smooth-Rollers.  Any size, any mounting/combination of mounting types, Any color. Custom built to meet your needs & quality you can count on!  We distribute nationwide.


For our lite-mid weight Rollers, we use 1 3/4" solid steel axle and quality grease-able bearings. The frames are made from 2 ½” angle iron that is 3/8” thick.  Extra cross-bracing and laser-cut bearing plates ensure smooth operation and durably.  Choose from drum diameters of 10 or 16 inches.


For larger drums, we rely on a 4”x4” HD Roller frame.  A 2” solid steel axle and quality greasable bearings are more than enough to support the thick-wall drum.  Depending on your application, you can choose a drum diameter of 10, 16, 20, or 24 inches.  And with the very best craftsmanship. You won't find a better built roller!


All drum sizes have a plug to permit adding/removing water for added weight.


We are a custom shop and can build any size or mounting system.  Our typical Roller is a single axle with 3-pt hitch; but we can build on a hydraulic travel system, with or without batwings.  You need it, we can build it.


Please Call (731) 610-7264 or Email: to place order