Cultipackers - ATV & mowers

Cultipackers - ATV & mowers

We specialize in building high quality Cultipackers.  Any size.  Any color. Custom built to meet your needs & quality you can count on!  We distribute nationwide.


Have you had an opportunity to view our Cultipacker Carbon Steel Wheel video?


We are the only mfg to offer a carbon steel wheel. All others you have seen are made of cast iron.  Cast iron wheels can, and will break. When they do break, you'll have to buy a new one.

Our carbon steel wheels won't break. But if they were to break, I'll send you a new one for free.


We use 1 3/4" solid steel axle and quality grease-able bearings.


Our ATV units are heavy enough to actually "compact your soil", but the quality bearings, heavy solid axle, and square frame makes it easy to pull.  If you buy a unit too lite to actually compact, you haven't meet the need for which you purchased a cultipacker.


Buy the cultipacker built to last. Buy the cultipacker that is heavy enough to actually work. Buy the cultipacker with strong durable wheels, under warranty.


Our flip-over models are strong & durable.  We use actual trailer spindles, hubs, wheels & tires.


You won’t find a better built Cultipacker!


Please Call (731) 610-7264 or Email: to place order 

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