This is Greg with Custom Cultipackers.  Thank you for your interest in our products, we look forward to building your Custom Cultipacker.


We are a custom shop that specializes in meeting the unique needs of each customer.  If you have a particular product, a standard modification, or your personal design, let us know – we just might be able to build it for you.  It is our pledge to build you the best, most reliable, most durable product at the lowest possible price.


We use quality material, exceptional craftsmanship, and our proprietary Carbon Steel Wheels to build you the best cultipacker on the market.  


Nothing but the best, all time, every time.  


Our process and products have passed the test of time - We stand behind them, and we stand behind you!  It is our goal to build a strong, durable cultipacker that will prove to be the last you will need to buy.


Our units designed to last a lifetime, and built to meet that goal.  


Contact us today and let us help with your equipment needs.









Heavy 3/8" thick and reinforced.  It's built tight, square & true to ensure smooth operation and many years of production.  Components are laser cut, allowing us to meet the closest tolerances.  

  • Wheel Gang - Our cultipacker wheels are assembled tight to reduce vibration and unnecessary wear. 

  • Wheels - we are the only mfg to offer a Carbon Steel Cultipacker Wheel.  They weigh appx 27lbs and are appx 3 3/4" wide.  It won't break - but if it does, I'll send you a new one.

Every possible mounting system is available - and almost every combination of mounts.​​

  • 3-pt hitch

  • Pull-tongue (ball hitch, drop-pin, Pintle eye)

  • Skid steer

  • I-Match / Quick Connect

Every possible mounting system is available - and almost every combination of mounts.​​

  • Hydraulic travel axle

  • Flip-over travel wheels