We are the only cultipacker manufacture to offer a

Carbon Steel Culitpacker. Guaranteed for 10 years!

Custom Cultipackers is custom shop that builds to meet your specific needs. 

We specialize in Cultipackers, Roller-Crimpers, Smooth-Rollers, Aerators, & Pluggers ranging in size from 3’ to 30’.  From lighter-weight ATV/UTV/lawn mower pulled units to large hydraulic commercial equipment.


We offer a variety of mount/hitch system, or combination, to meet your needs.  Hitch system can be a single 3-pt hitch, pull-tongue, skid-steer, or I-Match quick-disconnect; or we have built a combination mounting unit with 3 or more hitches.  We have built with 3 or more hitch/mounts + flip-over travel wheels. Bottom line – IF YOU WANT IT, WE BUILD IT.

Custom Cultipackers Smooth Roller- Tract

tWe carry smooth rollers... more information text goes here. 

Custom Cultipackers Cultipacker - Double

We carry double crimp machines... more information goes here. 

Custom Cultipackers - Crimpers - Tractor

We carry double crimp machines... more information goes here. 


Custom Cultipacker products come backed with a 3-year warranty on all craftsmanship and a 10-year warranty on carbon steel wheels.